Daniël de Ridder: ’I never touch on Halina bored’

1185f22957e2ae6e9f47b7cad2852a84 - Daniël de Ridder: ’I never touch on Halina bored’

After his relationship with Tatum Dagelet, is ex-footballer Daniel de Ridder now more than two years completely in the clouds with actress Halina Reijn. The NOS-voetbalanalist never runs out, the actress is looking forward, just because they are in certain areas is quite different. “It sounds like a supercliché, but we are a good team.”

Daniel de Ridder with his girlfriend, Halina Reijn.

In conversation with the Dutch Volkskrant Magazine says the former player of Ajax and the Spanish Celta de Vigo that the sometimes violent one can go when the two a discussion. “She is very disarming. Its purity. Really an animal. Just as the animal in me. Crazy to say, but we are two animals who have found one another. We can have vehement discussions, which normal people think: jesus, pacify it? But an hour later … we embrace each other and we sit back and laugh.”

As the son of a single mother of Israeli-Kurdish origin, who with little money and two children to bring up, is Daniel aware of the fact that the life of a wealthy footballer is not something for granted. “There have been times that my mother us with almost nothing to maintain. That she has done well. I am glad that I have things still on the value estimate. There is still a poor little boy in me.”

“There is still a poor little boy in me”

Daniel, who has enrolled at the University of Amsterdam as of 1 september, to study law – signed at a young age a lucrative contract with the English football club Birmingham City. “Others say so easily: what makes money now? But if you are from a not very rich family, and you know that your next year injured, that kind of considerations of some importance.”

People who think that the ex-footballer ‘all easy’, are disappointed: “Well, no. I did it all by yourself have to fight for it. Huge, walk on, doorrammen. That has Halina.”

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