Cocu: ’Plans Fenerbahçe beautiful’

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ISTANBUL – Phillip Cocu (47) let us know triggered by the plans of the top of the Turkish Fenerbahçe, the club where he is for three seasons, has signed.

Phillip Cocu

The new leadership, with president Ali Koç and technical director Damien Comolli, gave him the feeling that he in Istanbul the next step can make as a trainer.

“Will all the coming seasons are not always easy to” let Cocu, Chris van der Weerden take as an assistant, know. But in the stand up and perform in the Turkish hectic sitting in front of the Dutch Trainer of the Year in the stimulus.

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“I still yes run at PSV’d like to work? Yes, but that’s not at the top level. To the top to come out and stay, you need to continue to develop and challenge them. The opportunity I am offered, to Fenerbahçe, together with the new president and technical director something to put down, is huge.”

“It is a similar chance that PSV me years ago, and a way of working that suits me.”

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