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Coach Martinez explains why it went so well against Tunisia

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Belgian national coach Roberto Martinez saw his team minced meat made of Tunisia in the second match of the Red Devils at the world cup. He explained why the Belgians are so easy to chances came against the North Africans, while they in their first match not under the market had against Panama.

5-2, but the score was much higher. Belgium walked in moments just through the Tunisian defence. The Red Devils have now together with Russia the best attack of the CHAMPIONSHIP with a whopping eight goals. “It is not of course as much to score as we did in our first two matches’, beamed the Belgian trainer Roberto Martinez for the camera of Sporza. “It is like a team so to see each other fight, and on top of that we have a lot of talent and quality.’

But how came it that the against Tunisia as smooth as it went, while the Belgians have the greatest difficulty seemed to have the modest Panama from connection to play? “Today was a different match than our first”, explained Martinez. ‘Panama played very organized against us, but the Tunisians have an open contest created by high to come to press. Chapeau that they did, because there were many chances on both sides. We have seen also sometimes, but if we are in the flow were, we were sharp. It is good for us to be able to adapt to different types of matches. There lies our challenge is always to find solutions to the problems that an opponent submit to us.’

By the victory, the Belgians as well as sure of the eighth finals. Only if half a miracle and a victory of Panama against England tomorrow, the Red Devils only on the last day of certainty about the next round can acquire. ‘After two matches already qualified for the eighth finals: more can’t you ask your players, ” said Martinez.

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