Clara Cleymans: I was never really in

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Saturday was Clara Cleymans as guest in the last episode of The Holy House of Hanssen of this season on Joe. During that program, did Clara some remarkable statements.

Evi wondered if the length of Clara, who 1m55, and her tricks have played. “I’ve especially struggled with that in my school days. I was never really in, because she always thought that I was younger by my size. I think that I never was taken seriously as one of them. As an adult you have that also a bit. I have always had trouble to make me a very feminine feel. I felt the most feminine when I’m on high heels ran and as I my face was. I had to make an effort to show that I am an adult woman and me to be powerful and authoritarian feel. By my height, I was always a girl felt, even when I was pregnant,” said Clara frank. “I wear even pants of girls of 10 to 11 years.”

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