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Clara Cleymans candid: ‘I’ve always had trouble to make me female to feel’

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Clara Cleymans has been a guest on Evi Hanssen radio Joe. They spoke of it openly about her height, adult feel and about thirty.

Actress Clara Cleymans is but 1 m 55 big, and that she has all throughout her life struggle. “I’ve especially struggled with that in my school days. I was never really in, because she always thought that I was younger by my size.’

Clara has a feeling never to be taken seriously. ‘As an adult you have that also a bit. I have always had trouble to make me a very feminine feel. I felt the most feminine when I’m on high heels ran and as I my face was. I had to make an effort to show that I am an adult woman and me to be powerful and authoritarian feel. By my height, I was always a girl felt, even when I was pregnant and told Clara frank. “I wear even pants of girls from ten to eleven years old.”

About thirty are

Clara is thirty, next year on five January. “I don’t want things to do more that I don’t like or me not charging, now I do only things that inspire me: playing the violin, playing the piano, drawing and reading novels’, says Cleymans.

The actress attended career guidance. ‘I don’t want to change of job, but that is someone who you think. If you still want something different, you need to know there are already seeds for plants’, he told Clara.

She wants to now focus on music. “I would like to create a performance in which I play piano and I write. I also want more music writing. I’ve often thought: why do I create an album with piano music?’, told Clara.

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