Clairy Polak: ’I miss myself on tv’

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The chance that Clairy Polak (62) more tv work is extremely small. The journalist, who until 2012 regularly seen as a presenter for various tv programs, shows in interview with newspaper het Parool know themselves ’easy to entertain’ without a tv.

Clairy Polak

Polak was for many years a presenter for NOVA and Buitenhof. For that last program, she was at the beginning of this year, once to see if invalpresentatrice, particularly on social media, to enthusiastic response led.

“It is not false modesty, but do you know what the funny part is? Once everyone is able to find the fantastic and fun, but you do it three times, then calls everyone back: can haaibaai not television?”

The journalist presents currently five times per year for the Humanist Broadcasting the NPO1-program The Philosophical Quintet. Also, she was recently as a judge to see in the play Terror. “Where I especially had to get used to was the fact that I texts had to pronounce that are pre-written. That I was not accustomed, certainly not other people’s texts.”

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