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BTC, LTC, ETC and VEN rate increase: The COP is on-the-go

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The crypto market is currently being driven by the cops, and since the end of the Crashes, some currencies were able to profit particularly strongly. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and Vechain have risen the most in the course. The upcoming events have likely to have a positive impact on the price.

After a major investor, has raised a few days ago (on 09.02.2018) his bitcoin stock of 56.357 on 96.651 Bitcoin, seems to be the place the deer to be back from the cops transmissions. The Bitcoin exchange rate climbed in the short term on a 7-day High of 9.366,66 euros and a market capitalization of around EUR 157 billion. This made Bitcoin a rate increase of approximately 7 percent within the last 24 hours.

Since the 06.02.2018 the Bitcoin couches once again a rapid price increase. Bitcoin can reach the level of the end of January, as a BTC between 9,000 and 9,500 Euro. The current signs look positive, so that the Bitcoin price could rise in the next few days.

The price of Litecoin is within the last 24 hours by more than 8 percent to rise and is now just below the 200 Euro mark in 195,95 Euro. The market capitalisation of 10.8 billion euros. The trading volume amounts to over a billion Euro in the last 24 hours. The Start of the Litepay platform at the 26.02.2018 seems to inspire the course currently, and to drive the course in the height.

LitePay is a platform for companies, provides a payment gateway available to Private and business allow customers to pay with the crypto – currency Litecoin. As a result, the adaptation of the “silver coins will be driven”. The rates could rise up to the upcoming event.

Ethereum Classic could be within the last 24 hours, a rate increase of 12 percent, reported, and currently stands at a rate of 33,89 EUR. The market capitalization is just under 3.3 billion euros. The trading volume is currently at about one billion euros.

Both the promising Roadmap as well as the forthcoming Airdrop in the Callisto network, in which each ETC-holder in the same amount of Callisto-Token credited, could affect the price positively.

Stronger still is VeChain within the last 24 hours, namely 15 per cent increase and is currently at a rate of 5,37 euros traded. The market capitalization is just under 2.5 billion euros.

The upcoming Rebranding is likely to have a positive impact on the course. In addition, we will consider the entire project VeChain as very innovative, as it offers a real value for the end user. Whether the large whales that are invested in the project feel the same way, we can only speculate.

The time held up the wind should stop in our opinion, the next few days. However, only the next few days may show whether this actually occurs. The market data were at 20.02. at 09:30 collected.

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