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BTC-ECHO and next week 25/18

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Overview of the 25. Calendar week in the year 2018

In the 25. Calendar week, prices of the crypto-kept currencies relatively stable. With a total market capitalization approximately 250 billion Euro could stabilise the market. Bitcoin has held a 40 percent market dominance.

20. June, the South Korean Exchange Bithumb was hacked. About 30 million US dollars were able to to scramble the attackers. Bithumb said now about the incident and made it clear that all users will be fully compensated. The capital for this comes from the company funds. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take long-term self-management and backup of its crypto-currencies. Specifically, this means: A Wallet to download, install and crypto-currencies there. With the Seedphrase you can restore the Wallet then always again.

ICOs were the “Hot Topic” of 2017 and have even collected in the year 2018 a lot of money. There are so many different projects that it’s hard to keep track. Therefore, there is ICO-Rating-platforms, which should give a clue. However, it turns out now, that it is easy and relatively cheap to buy these Ratings. Here is an investigative Report purchased ICO-Ratings.

EOS is in the Mainnet, and the Block producers (BPs) freeze directly seven Accounts. Reason for this is that these Accounts seem to stolen EOS. You want to prevent the thieves can pull off the EOS, and to make money. Therefore, the BPs does not allow transactions of these Accounts. Useful or Exceed the Power of the BPs?

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