Beau Sejour is no longer in the province of Limburg?

If all goes well, ‘Beau Séjour 2’ next year, from may or June to be rotated. That will be no more in the province of Limburg happen. Stefan Hubrechts of hotel Beau Séjour in Lanklaar, where the series of his title and location and the derived, was by the production house DeMensen not approached for the second series. That is in The Interest of the province Of Limburg. In the making of “Beau Séjour” thought no one with a possible vervolgserie. But because it was such a success, the possibility was quickly considered and were the screenwriters. Le Quartier, a call for a major kinderrol which a young good-for-nothing between 6 and 9 years was being sought “with a West-Flemish accent”. That seems to indicate that, in the second series no Limburg accents more to hear, but will rather West-Flemish tones, accents.

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