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Batushka. Prefer the dorpspastoor

We saw a man talking in his beard rubbing on the first few rows at the Polish blackmetalcollectief Batushka. Hopefully he understood it, however, because there was almost a degree in religious iconography required in order for the band to grasp.

For those of you who are not on his cv had sounded the frontman as a cold priest: he screamde with so much saliva that we see him spontaneously a box lysomucil wanted to prescribe. When he switched over to Gregorian chants, supported by an equally creepy choir – they sounded happy brighter.

Batushka had the concept, however well thought out: everyone was in sectarian orthodox robes on the stage, there was a nice altar, with the obligatory inverted cross, and some mensenschedels with candle wax. That anonymity and mystique, after all, can help to break through as a metal band, proved Ghost, that here Thursday headliner was. But if this orthodox high priests quickly go to hell, we dare to doubt. Rather than the dorpspastoor.

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