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Amsterdam airport exchanges euros against Bitcoin & Ether

bdb5bef866943363d1bbd128e35cdb70 - Amsterdam airport exchanges euros against Bitcoin & Ether

For stays abroad outside the Eurozone, you have to ask yourself sometimes, what to do with leftover foreign currency. The Amsterdam airport Schiphol has now found a solution for travelers outside the Euro zone. So he exchanges the rest of the Euro against Bitcoin and Ether.

The much-cited decentralisation of crypto currencies as a advantage of currencies against Fiat is well known. Another Bonus is often overlooked is: Bitcoin & co. do not need to be exchanged when you leave the own currency zone. According to their global reach, saves the hassle of Queuing in the exchange offices. Within the Eurozone, these inconveniences are no longer foreign. Tourists or business travelers who have visited a member state of the Eurozone and back to your home country want to return, but still the question: “What do I do with the rest of the Euro-notes and coins?”. The Amsterdam airport Schiphol has found an innovative solution. A crypto-ATM will exchange the rest of the Euro money in Bitcoin and Ether.

Local Euro against global Kryptos

Amsterdam Schiphol airport is approximately 68 million passengers in the third act the largest airport in Europe. As an international hub for the Management of the airport is trying to offer through the use of innovative solutions to the travellers with optimum Service, stressed Tanja Dik, managing Director of Consumer Products & Services in a press release dated 20. June. In this context, the idea of a crypto-came-machines for the exchange of Euro money, explains Dik more:

“With Bitcoin ATMs, we would like to offer the passengers with a useful Service that allows you to simply ‘local’ Euros against the ‘global’ crypto currencies Bitcoin and Ether exchange. This can be useful if, for example, it is not possible in their home country, Euro to spend.“

The crypto ATM is located in arrivals hall 2, and thus also in the corridor to the departure halls 1 and 2. Thus, travellers can convert before your flight home, excess Euro money in useful Kryptos. The ATM was developed in cooperation with the Dutch company ByeleX Data Solutions BV, and will initially be for six months tested. The CEO of ByeleX, Herman Vissia, however, optimistic:

“We are delighted that Schiphol is willing to work with us for opportunities, for passengers, the new crypto to bring closer to reality.”

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