XXXTentacion would father be

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Rapper XXXTentacion, who last Monday was shot to death in front of the door at a motorcycle dealer in Deerfield Beach, according to his mother Cleopatra Bernard a very special ’family heirloom’ after. According to her, would her son about a few months to become a father.

The woman posted a photo of a sonogram on her Instagram page, with the text: “He gives us his last gift.” Fans of the popular rapper didn’t know what they saw and reacted hysterically to the message. “OMG!! I can’t explain how happy me this!” and “Long live XXX!.”

In a video that XXXTentacion earlier this year posted on Instagram, he said: “If I die, I will be born again.” According to his supporters, that’s exactly what happens now. “Jahseh will continue to live through his child”, wrote one fan.

According to TMZ, it is not entirely clear who the mother of the unborn child. The ex-girlfriend of ’X’, Geneva, Ayala, is not, in any event, reports the media.

There has been a suspect arrested in the case. In the night between Wednesday and Thursday held the police in South Florida, a 22-year-old suspect after a manhunt on the highway I-95.

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