World cup humor: “Who would have thought?’

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AMSTERDAM – The world cup football in Russia is in full violence broke out, and halfway through the group stage have football fans of farcical own goals, ridiculous schwalbes and doubtful VAR-decisions enough to laugh.

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A lot of ’memes’ and creatively constructed images over the internet to roam, are not suitable for publication, but other creative people keep themselves within the fatsoensgrenzen.

Appeared soon after the 1-0 win of Mexico in Germany a picture of German chancellor Angela Merkel that Donald Trump is calling with urgent advice.

Also the many blunders are much used. So is the VAR, the videoscheidsrechter, subject of ridicule, while also referees and blunderende football players should keep believing.

Thursday saw the Argentine goalkeeper gruesome the error, did earlier David de Gea (Spain) the same. A betting office could not make the comparison with another goalkeeper, that just as The Gea in England notched.

There is a lot of geginnegapt about the absence of the Dutch national team, the hairstyle of Neymar, the failure of Morocco and the failed throw-in of an Iranian footballer.

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Sometimes it goes completely wrong. Businessman and tv personality Sir Alan Sugar in comparison to the footballers of Senegal with handbag sellers on the beach of Marbella. Now called for his resignation.

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