Ultratop 50 Flanders Week 25

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Farewell, we take this week of Metejoor and “alone Together”, the “Haka” of Swoop, Niels Destadsbader and “As you go”, “Stronger than ever” by Frank Valentino, Lisa del Bo, and “A good year for the roses”, “I don’t know where my girl is” of Guido Belcanto feat. Kimberly Claeys, and finally also of Sammy Baker with “Only love”.

The voetballied (Come On Belgium) Steve Tielens feat. Jill De Greef is new on 46. For Lindsay is the “7 good, 7 bad,” 44. 41 for the Remix of “Let the grass grow” by Sam Gooris, Dorothee Vegas & Like Maarten. “What a sunny day” is sung by Koen Crucke 40. 30 for “Sometimes,” Tijs Vanneste. “You don’t have to be afraid” for Metejoor at number 29. 17 is for “Here I feel at home” by Barbara Dex, and this is the highest newcomer this week.

Tom Waes is with “Dva Vodka” the Top 10 within, coming from 22. From 12 to 9 climbs Dana Winner with “When you sing”. “The sun” shines for Slongs feat. Jack Sparow on 8. Last week they were still on 15. 7 remains 7 for “Zeeland” of The Spirit. Two places of profit, on 6 is for Amaryllis Temmerman and “Full of beautiful dreams/world Champion”. “Doubt not, and dance with me,” Bart Peeters loses a place and is now the number 5. A huge win, from 19 to 4 for DJ Yolotanker and “Dance with the devils”. David Vandyck remains at 3 with “I live for you”. Also status quo on 2 Blöf feat. Geike Arnaert recorded with “Zoutelande”. Three weeks in a row we find “Conquer me” by Niels Destadsbader back on number 1!

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