Trump: new migration delay

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WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump wants the fight for a new immigration law in the USA provisionally halt. On Twitter he called Friday the mps of the ruling Republicans on their attempts to formulate a new law to come to give up, due to lack of perspective. “The Republicans should stop their time wasting until we are in november, more Republican senators and congressmen have chosen,” wrote Trump.

President Donald Trump.

An immigration law currently has no chance to get through the Senate, where the majority of the Republicans, at this time, 51 of the 100 votes is not enough.

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After massive public pressure has Trump his hard migration policy, custom, and decided to children of illegal immigrants, not more of their parents to separate. At the same time he was ensuring that migrants only, together with their children in detention. The presidential decree is, however, tentative and should be replaced by a law that the parliament adopted.

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This fails on the one hand, by the resistance of the Democrats, on the other hand, by partijconflicten within the Republicans. A first version was already on Thursday in the House of Representatives shot down, because the Republicans are not unanimous. The vote on a compromise is delayed.

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