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Time put crying toddler and neerkijkende Trump on cover

d0ebe9704d9c04f82cea12f70bdd8844 - Time put crying toddler and neerkijkende Trump on cover

The American Time magazine made a striking photomontage. On the cover is a weeping infant, and president Trump, who looks down on the child. Further, ‘Welcome to America’ as a caption.

The magazine takes as the migration policy of the American government on the grain. The image is a montage, the photo of the crying girl was already around the world, and is an image of photojournalist John Moore. The girl cried as the guards her mother fouilleerden, after they without valid papers for the Mexican border was crossed. Mother and daughter came from Honduras.

Because the photo of the girl as soon as the world went around, the editors of Time that readers realize that the cover is a photomontage.

President, Trump introduced a policy of zero tolerance on the border. All adults who are illegal border crossing, were arrested. Minors were cared for in centers. A result of this policy was that children were separated from their parents. Trump announced Wednesday an end of the scheidingsbeleidaf, but it is not sure how the families can be found. Under the new regime, will families now together in detention to be held, instead of separately.

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