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The redeemer comes only in extra time: Brazil smashes in the 91st minute Costa Rican door open

2b807450d0b8c4369cefd82b9d4f3869 - The redeemer comes only in extra time: Brazil smashes in the 91st minute Costa Rican door open

Brazil has not let be surprised by Costa Rica, but much was not. It was only in the 91st minute tapped Coutinho the redeeming 1-0 inside, at the end of the injury time came the 2-0 of Neymar. The Seleçao begins with four to six to the world cup, but shone yet.

After the 1-1 draw in the first match against Switzerland was the mission clear for Neymar and his win against Costa Rica. On paper this is a simple job, as it seemed, because Costa Rica is less than 21st on the FIFA-ranking.

No divine game

But in football, nothing is simple: the Divine Canaries didn’t play well, but gathered in the second half, however, have opportunities to a few competitions to win. But Neymar took aim next, Jesus nodded against the crossbar and Keylor Navas was repeatedly placed between attempts of Neymar and Coutinho.

The frustration dripped off the Seleçao: the minutes, though the forward, and as soon as a Brazilian, the ball was surrounded by a few blauwhemden. On to minute 77 than: Neymar cut himself free and…went smoothly at the plain. Penalty, ruled the Dutch ref Kuipers, but that was outside the VAR calculated. Who held that there is an error, there was no.


Even more reasons for frustration, so, all the more so because goalkeeper Keylor Navas proved to be the hero of Costa Rica: every cross in the direction of his goal went bokste he’s gone….until in the stoppage time. Jesus gave the ball to Coutinho and who shot from close to touch: 1-0. And it still was not done, because a few minutes later and struck Neymar in the 2-0 within.

The stadium ablaze, and that was but logical also: with two to six had Brazil are still allowed to scramble against Serbia to the 1/8th finals. With four to six can with something more relaxed mind to that match toeleven. But the game of a world champion that we saw yet.

And Costa Rica? That is, after two defeats in a row already exhausted. Too bad for the surprise of 2014, but on the basis of the game is not over. Against Switzerland on Wednesday, only the honor in the game.

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