Successful series “Roseanne” gets a spin-off without Roseanne

3be4f9c2b2418ccc65a1e3f8aa450bad - Successful series "Roseanne" gets a spin-off without Roseanne

The American ABC network has announced that the successful series “Roseanne,” a spin-off. This time without Roseanne Barr and most likely under the name “the Conners”.

This year he made the tv series “Roseanne” made a comeback on American television, after the series previously ran from 1988 to 1997. The series was, however, cancelled after the lead actress Roseanne Barr racist remarks made on Twitter.

The ‘racismetweet’ about Valerie Jarrett (61), who, as adviser for former president Barack Obama (56) worked, was, according to Roseanne anti-semitic and not racist intended. “I have never engaged in racism and will never do,” tweeted Roseanne. “I’m not where I was of accuse.”

The offending tweet, in which the comedian to the afro-American muslimah Jarrett the baby of the Muslim Brotherhood and “Planet of The Apes” called, went according to Roseanne about “the anti-semitism of the deal with Iran”. “People with a low IQ can think what they want.”

Barr will be both creative and financially not more involved in the show. “I regret the things that caused me to have to remove it from my own show. I am agreed with the proposal in this way, 200 jobs retained, from cast to crew. I wish them much success in the future,” said Barr against Deadline.

There are ten episodes, primetime Thursday night in America broadcast will be. All the other members of the original cast, who returned for the ‘revival’ return in the new spin-off. So are John Goodman (Dan) and Sara Gilbert (Darlene) back from the party.

The transmitter let us know that the series under the working title “The Conners” will show “that families always find their way back to a conversation, love and laughter. This spin-off will be timeless issues continue to treat, which today is just as relevant as 30 years ago.” It is not clear how Roseanne from the series written.

“Roseanne” was about an American working-class family that struggles to make ends meet and was one of the few televisiereeksen that the conservative America afschilderden.

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