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Stellar lumen thinks about it to acquire to Chain for 500 Million dollars in XLM

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Stellar lumen and determined at present, the opportunities, whether acquisition of the start-up Chain for the development of our own project is beneficial. The price for the purchase is to be, according to some Reports, nearly $ 500 million.

Stellar lumen is, according to Fortune, is currently in takeover negotiations with the San Franisco-based Startup Chain. The price of $ 500 million is to be paid in the Form of XLM, so the native crypto-currency Stellar lumen.

Chain is a company that in a recent round of Venture funding in more than 43 million dollars has been collected. The investors include Khosla Ventures, RRE Venturs, Blockchain, Capital, Nasdaq, Visa, Citi Ventures, and some of the other heavyweights of the financial industry.

Chain aims to offer banks and financial institutions is a block chain platform for developers to set up their own private networks, and develop can test. The platform should make different Blockchain protocols together, and a parent financial instrument.

Chain placed so clearly as a friend of the current financial system, and not as an attacking opponent. CEO of Chain, Adam Ludwin, (freely translated):

People want to believe that it is this mythical coin, which comes from the Silicon Valley, which begins to use the world and that the whole of Wall Street falls into the ocean.

Chain is already making great progress, because Nasdaq has announced plans to use the technology of Chain to a distributed payment system with the financial services provider Citi. Nasdaq sees a great opportunity in the Distributed Ledger technology (freely translated):

New technologies such as the Distributed Ledger Technology (” DLT “) drive, the digitization and enable new platforms and Blockchain-Ecosystems, the digital real-time solutions.

Nasdaq goes with the Trend of the time and closed the listing of Bitcoin and Ethereum, as soon as the market is “ripe” for. If, and when, in fact, a Takeover will take place, remains to be seen.

The rate of Stellar Lumens listed, analogue to the current market trend, a decline of 6 percent to a price of $ 0.21. With a market capitalization of nearly $ 4.1 billion Stellar space 7 of the biggest Cryptocurrencies in the world.

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