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Special message behind ‘solo-weekend Max Verstappen?

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Raymond Vermeulen, manager of Max Verstappen, let me know that there is no special message behind the fact that both he himself, as a father, Jos Verstappen were absent from the GP of Canada.

For the first time in his career, dropped down to Max Verstappen, only for a weekend, without a manager or parents. Some connoisseurs claimed that the absence of the young Dutchman, focusing more on the racing than on other randzaken.

That is, according to Vermeulen crap and he tells you that the season is already a schedule was created which races Max to be alone and what not. At the GP of France this coming weekend will Vermeulen back.

“For the season, there was a planning of what races we could attend,” says Vermeulen on ‘Motorsport’. “There was an idea that we together with the team we have discussed to the Max only to a race to send. Then we said: ‘OK, then we do that in Canada.’ That is actually the whole story. There are even more races that Max will be alone but who were already in the pipeline.”

“We have a good relationship and we discuss everything with Red Bull. This was a test to Max only to Canada to send but more, you don’t behind. That is also part of his development, he has not every race needs someone with him.”

“I’m in France, for example, Jos going to Austria and there I will be also, Silverstone does Max only, Jos goes to Hungary, and in Spa we will all be together.”

Vermeulen doesn’t think that the other approach has a direct impact on the performance of the young Dutch rider.

“Max said that he had a good weekend had, he was alone, but was accompanied by his trainer. He went for a meal with Dr Marko or his mechanics, actually, he had a weekend as always. I don’t think it’s that much of a difference it has made, he is twenty years of age, he can perfectly well only to a circuit!!”

“Of course, you might get a different perspective on things now, the performance there were. But in the past he has also stages scored when Jos and I were there, as were the results, so even if we were,” concludes Vermeulen.

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