Spain wants Malta to help with migrantenschip

3692e40a52cbf5109dc9b76ddbb62c34 - Spain wants Malta to help with migrantenschip

MADRID – Spain is willing to Malta to provide humanitarian relief for a boat with more than 200 migrants on board near the island nation afloat. That has a regeringswoordvoerster in Madrid published after the end of the kabinetsberaad.

Italy had the Maltese authorities asked the ship of the German association Mission Lifeline to admit to a port, but felt nothing because there is no evidence of an emergency situation. The Italian Transport minister Danilo Toninelli called the negative reaction, nevertheless, was “absurd” and “inhumane”.

“We have contacted Malta to our aid offer as the coming hours is needed”, said Isabel Celaa, on behalf of the Spanish government. Spain gave last week another reddingsvaartuig, Aquarius, permission to dock in Valencia. When went to more than 600 refugees and migrants. They were also not welcome in Italy and Malta.

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