Spain offers aid to ronddobberend ship with migrants

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Spain has offered to provide humanitarian support to more than 200 migrants on board of ship on the Mediterranean Sea. Italy had in Malta called for the ship to moor.

In the Mediterranean Sea threatens again a reddingsschip will have to go ronddobberen because it’s not in an Italian port may moor. The Lifeline, a 32-foot-long ship of the same name by German aid agency, has yesterday 226 migrants off the coast of Libya of a dinghy removed.

The ship of the German aid organization, Mission Lifeline is currently in Maltese waters. Malta should finally its ports open, for example, the Italian Interior minister, Matteo Salvini, Friday on Facebook said.

Salvini refuses the ship in Italy. It is also clear that the ship impounded and the crew arrested.

Finally let the Spanish government know that it is in contact with the Maltese government to provide humanitarian support. “We can provide support if there is need for the next few hours,” says Isabel Celaa, the spokeswoman of the government.

Libyan coast

The Italian coast guard had to the ngo to let them know that they have nothing needed to do, and that the Libyan coast guard the migrants would have mercy upon him, said Salvini. The Libyan coast guard had on the ngo said: do nothing, we keep ourselves busy.

“What do these losers? They are risking the lives of the migrants on the dinghy, do not listen to the Italian and Libyan authorities and to intervene, this valuable where people – human flesh – on board to be lifted, ” said the Italian minister in a video on his Facebook page.


In recent years, Italy has hundreds of thousands of bootmigranten collected. A part thereof was by reddingsschepen of organizations like Doctors without Borders and Save the Children to Southern Italian ports. But the new government in Rome says that the ngo-ships ‘zeetaxi’s’ is that the lucrative human trafficking. Last week, if the vessel Aquarius of Doctors without Borders with 629 migrants on board, therefore, not in Italy moor; the ship turned to Spain.

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