Socialemediaoverzicht: Roxeanne vereeuwigt fat belly and Domien moves

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What has well-known home and abroad this week done in the free hours? Every week place an overview of the best photos and messages that the stars of the past week have shared.

As you get older, ontgroei you things. Sometimes you grow out of literally things – like your shoes or your clothes, or you outgrow them metaphorically – such as your friends or your work. Things no longer fit you, your style has changed, your needs have changed; it is time for something new. In the last few years it seems everyone is feeling at NPO 3FM Radio. After Coen & Sander, Giel Beelen and Gerard Ekdom, announced this week Domien Verschuuren that it is time for something else.

The thirty years ‘ radio dj is going to try his luck at commercial station Qmusic and guess what: that he wanted to actually for a very long time. On Instagram shares Domien a photo of a letter that in 2005 he sent in got, when she had no interest in him at Q. Is it still good come.

Pregnant belly

Roxeanne Hazes is very very pregnant. Fans are waiting in suspense to the first child of the singer is born, but until that time, we have to make do with 3D ultrasounds and pictures of the beautiful pregnant belly. Not only the fans are under the impression of the body of Roxeanne, also the singer wants to always remember how she felt when she was pregnant.

On Instagram she shares a photo and video of a print that was created from her body. The small, gold-coloured sculpture is a perfect copy of the belly and breasts how they are now, now that her maternity leave has started, to look.


Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have only a few weeks of a relationship, but know now all people affected with how cheesy they are. We could the last week, nowhere else than the alleged engagement has been confirmed, this week, that they already live together and so in love. On social media confirms the set that last yet again.

Pete (24) shares a picture of his girlfriend on Instagram, who is writhing on the ground. “What the actual fuck”, he writes there. Reason for comedian Seth Rogen to agree to intervene: the need to but once done with that geklef. “Seriously guys,” says Seth under the photo. Pete: “If you were going to marry the most beautiful woman in the world, would I ever want to see how you did.”

To switch careers?

Winston Gerschtanowitz has many talents. Of roddelprogramma’s present to be an online fitnessbedrijf establish and detergents to promote to spelshows host: what can this man not? There now seems to be finally an answer to come. Gerschtanowitz is, namely, not a paardenfluisteraar.

The 41-year-old presenter shows a video on Instagram to see how he is a pony, where one of his sons to drive, faster, trying to run. The best man does, all in style, yet how it must. But the horse was not to be served, and remains stiff through. At a leisurely pace.


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