Shakira is under fire for ’nazi’ chain

8b4878887a1f639b70668081d75dbe3b - Shakira is under fire for ’nazi’ chain

A chain that, until recently, was for sale in Shakira’s shop, is immediately withdrawn from the market. It would be a necklace with an emblem that looks like the Black Sun symbol that dates back to the Nazi time.


Observant Twitter users put soon the link between the controversial symbol and Shakira’s chain. “So Shakira sells accidentally a nazi symbol and has no idea….lmao!”, writes a follower. “Shakira sets the future for white children safe.”

In Germany, where all nazi symbols are banned, the Black Sun is still in two states of use and is linked to ultra-right-wing groups, reports the German Bento.

The necklace was for 8 euro on sale on the website of the singer, but has been taken offline. There is still no response from Shakira’s team.

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