SEE: Roxeanne Hazes completely out of the clothes

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Since the beginning of her pregnancy is Roxeanne Hazes proud of her body. Also Friday proves to be the singer again and again that what her concerns throughout the world, its form may admire. The brunette placed a replica of her naked body on Instagram.

Roxeanne Hazes

“Thousand thanks, for this wonderful reminder,” writes Roxeanne in a series of photos and a video of a 3D-print of her torso.

Where in the past, have been heavy criticism on her appearance and manner of dress, her followers this time a piece prefer. “Wow very nice. Proud can you be on your beautiful pregnant belly”, responds someone. “I want this also in a few years. What a ridiculously beautiful!” “I wish I had something as beautiful as a reminder.” It is just a small selection from the many positive reactions.

But, the internet, the internet would not be, if there were a few comments made about her bare breasts between. So, there is not only a comment on the volume of her breasts, also the fact that she has no bra wearing, is not appreciated by everyone. Oh, if even Instagram the images approves, there is nothing to worry about, right?

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