Sarah Hyland in the hospital

d8c440c3cdf941436182c8181fbf5b9b - Sarah Hyland in the hospital

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland last week in the hospital. The actress posted Thursday a selfie on Instagram in which she with a swollen face. They had the following: “Sometimes it is a selfie more than make yourself beautiful feeling or a good photo. In the framework of the selfiedag I want my truth to share. How painful it is.”

Also, she has posted a photograph where she is with her dog. “I can’t wait to see my engelenprinsesje, she is perfect and always knows exactly what I need”, reads the caption. She took the photo last Sunday, a day before she was admitted.

Sarah Hyland, in Modern Family Haley Dunphy, is suffering from kidney complaints which by its express in gewichtsschommelingen, swollen face, and hair loss. She has previously been quite out on Twitter to people who said that they have anorexia may have or getting plastic surgery.

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