Q-dj Stephan Bouwman moves to weekend

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Qmusic-dj Stephan Bouwman will from the fall a program in the weekend. He fills in later on Saturday and Sunday, the hours between twelve and three, as appears from the Friday published schedule of Qmusic.

Stephan Bouwman

In addition to his weekendjob is Stephan also other things by Qmusic. “Stephan is in addition to radio dj is also a musician in heart and soul. He goes next to his show in the weekend, musical collaborations, and will often as Q-reporter interviews to do with great artists,” says zendermanager Dave Minneboo. “This will be both online and in the shows during the week to see and hear.”

Stephan is now even on weekdays to hear in the afternoon. He loses his place to Domien Verschuuren, who happens to of NPO 3FM. Previously, Qmusic is already known that the morning from the autumn for Mattie Valk and Marieke Elsinga. Igmar Felicia, who is now together with Mattie a duo forms, moves to the cusp.

When the new schedule exactly starts is not known yet because of the preparations for the new shows. Also is later known when Domien start.

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