Paulien Cornelisse and Sander Donkers on the front page of de Volkskrant

Paulien Cornelisse and Sander Donkers go to the turn columns to write for the front page of the Volkskrant. They do that from the 27th of August, announces the newspaper. Cornelisse and Donkers follow Arnon Grunberg, who recently after 2500 so-called Footnotes say goodbye to the front page. The writer continues, however, to publish on the back page.

The Volkskrant had between 2006 and 2016 is also a shared column on the front page. Under the title of CaMu exchanged Remco Campert and Jan Mulder.

“Their style is different, but both of them are masters in the personal observation that the mind broadens, you look at the actuality disrupts or you just makes you laugh”, writes editor-in-chief Philippe Remarque about his new front-page columnists.

Cornelisse, who is famous of her books and columns on language, stops at NRC. This weekend appears in her latest column. Sander Donkers writes under more for Free the Netherlands. He also wrote a biography of frontman Barry Hay of Golden Earring.

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