Paul McCartney stirs James Corden to tears

08e8a0bff51014ebc6570346c67a234e - Paul McCartney stirs James Corden to tears

After the presenter and the ex-Beatle, the song ‘Let it be’ sang, was Corden emotionally by the power of the song.

James Corden has in the latest edition of the popular component Carpool Karaoke from The Late Late Show of his emotional side show. The talkshowhost was moved to tears when he along with Paul McCartney of the Beatles hit Let It Be sang.

“Oh man, I get all the way there emotionally,” says James as the two sung and his tears wegpinkt. “That I did not see coming. I still remember that my grandfather, who was a musician, and my father next to me were sitting and said: “We are going to the best song ever to let you hear’. And I still remember that this song played, ‘ explained James. “If my grandfather here had been, he had a fantastic found”, continued the presenter, with tears in his eyes.

Paul told us in the car, James also how he got the inspiration for the writing of Let It Be. “I had in the sixties a dream about my deceased mother. She came to me and told that all would be well and that I had to let it go,” says the singer. “They gave me these positive words and I awoke, and I wondered: ‘What was that? What said they? Let it be?’ I had never heard of it. It sounded good. So as I wrote, Let It Be.”

The Carpool Karaoke with Paul McCartney formed one of the slotstukken of a special British week of The Late Late Show. James Corden made his program last week from London instead of Los Angeles.

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