New Ramones movie coming out: ‘I slept with Joey Ramone’

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Nick Cassavetes, son of filmlegende John, the director take care of a new film about the late American punk band The Ramones, reports the trade magazine Hollywood Reporter. The script of the movie ‘I slept with Joey Ramone’ is based on memoirs in 2009 jotted down by Mickey Leigh, brother of Joey Ramone. Central to the story is the birth of the (American) punkscène.

The Ramones debuted in 1976 with an album full of remarkably short numbers. In the late 80’s was the group symbol for the disaffected youth. Their influence on the “counter-culture” now works.

The indieprent is produced and financed by Gene ‘Rocky’ Kirkwood. Movies with musical themes are no stranger to Kirkwood, who had previously been ‘The Defiant Ones’ (about the partnership of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre) and Get Rich or die Tryin” (50 Cent) produced.

There are still some music-from-the-older-doosfilms on the stack. Fox takes on 2 December, with the biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ about Queen, and Netflix is coming soon with two metalhommages, ‘The Dirt’ about Motley Crue and ‘Sound of Metal’.

Also the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is located on the seventh art car. In cooperation with nbcuniversal’s Wilshire Studios is a documentary series prepared where in each episode a filmmaker to his/her favorite band is linked.

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