New album, Nielson released in september

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Singer Nielson goes this fall his third album release. On september 21, appears, Diamond, in which his newly released single Do, Dare Or Truth.

Nielson is with the new single, and soon, with the new album, a new path. The singer broke through with energetic and cheerful nederpop, but Do, Dare Or Truth sounds, according to him, other: electronic, adult, and international. He says in a statement that he is in his music more personal want to be and more about themselves they want to tell. “I’m ready to show who I really am, what I find important.”

About Diamond he says that, “vulnerability of his force has become”. Nielson says full his soul to expose in his music: “Everything I have is in here. It is never my goal has been to become famous, I will keep my private life private. But if you listen to Diamond, you know exactly who I am.”

The artist became known after his participation in The Best Singer-Songwriter in 2012. Since then, he has two albums released So Ah Yeah (2014) and do You Know What It Is (2016).

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