’More help with lawsuit over discrimination”

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BRUSSELS – Victims and witnesses of discrimination in a lawsuit assistance from government agencies concerned with unequal treatment. The European Commission proposes that member states of such bodies more powers and independence for a stronger anchor.

To do this they need sufficient budget. The idea is that they are victims in the courtroom to represent. Also they have to evidence gathering and action in collective affairs. It may be discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age or disability.

“We have good laws necessary and powerful and independent bodies for equality to our core values to defend, so that victims of discrimination can get in a malpractice”, said vice-president Frans Timmermans.

In the Netherlands, every municipality is already the duty of a antidiscriminatiebureau. Who sometimes provide legal assistance. “It is in the Netherlands it is well settled,” says a spokeswoman for the College for the protection of Human Rights.

’Other countries’

According to her, complies with the Netherlands already meet the standards. “In many other EU countries is not always the case, so such a measure from Europe is very good. Reinforcement can ensure that victims are better off.”

Brussels also wants the national institutions deal with each other and colleagues in other states to communicate. The zegsvrouw of the mensenrechtencollege acknowledges that aid in the Netherlands is very fragmented. “And also elsewhere in Europe, so you have to search the right way.” Because the college law speaks, is that, according to her, is not the appropriate institution to play a role in advocacy.

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