“Miljoenfortuin of Johnny Depp almost completely used”

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According to a survey of the renowned American magazine Rolling Stone has actor Johnny Depp his fortune, that at any given time, about 650 million dollars amounted to, almost entirely. The article, titled “The problem with Johnny Depp’, focusing especially on Depps lawsuits against his former business partners.

So harnessed the steracteur filed a lawsuit against The Management Group, led by the former business manager of Depp, and his brother, for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. Depp claims that under the supervision of TMG 7 million dollars was paid to his sister Christi, and about $ 750,000 to her assistant, without the knowledge of Depp. Also would TMG 13 years, the taxes of Depp too late to have submitted, making him millions in fines it had to pay. Depp is demanding more than $ 25 million of TMG.

As a reaction, uncommon, TMG, in turn, filed a lawsuit. The indictment describes Depp as, “an impulsive, spoiled that an ultra-extravagant lifestyle”. To his lifestyle in order to would keep the actor around 2 million dollars per month to spend – “more than he can afford”, what it sounds like.

The article outlines not all too rosy picture of Depps financial situation. So would TMG attachment have been placed on various properties of Depp in Los Angeles, because he is a loan to the value of $ 5 million dollars could not repay. The piece also gives an overview of Depps excessive expenditure. So he would $ 3 million be paid in full to the axes of a deceased friend with a gun in the air to shoot.

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