’Melania’s ’I don’t care’-coat had hidden message’

a8fe6eb180bc393a0dfb211fcde41327 - ’Melania’s ’I don't care’-coat had hidden message’

MCALLEN/WASHINGTON – According to the Us president, Donald Trump had the text on the jacket of his wife, Melania, held Thursday, controversy arose, in fact, a meaning. The hidden message on the jacket of Melania would, according to president Trump are “directed against fake news. Melania has realised how unfair that is and that can make her really do not care.”

Melania Trump is according to American media deeply affected by the mournful fate of the migrantenkinderenvan that of their parent(s) can be separated. Melania brought a visit to a detentieoord for minors at the Mexican border in Texas. There ontsond huge fuss about Melania’s jacket $ 39 of the European brand Zara, which they on the return trip wore. On the back the text: “I really don’t care really, do You?” (I really don’t care, you did?).

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The fuss is to coat Melania Trump

In almost all media was Thursday stunned the question was asked why they calculated this jacket wore. It would be the jacket may not have worn in the facility when the staff asked: “Can I help,……..these children with their parents to reunite?” Yet the bewilderment is great. A White House spokesman stressed “that the but a jacket was a coincidence, no hidden message.”

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