Mass on the leg for Turkish opposition leader

IZMIR – Shortly before the Turkish presidential and parliamentary elections, the leader of the largest opposition party, Muharrem Ince of the CHP (Republican people’s Party), in the western city of Izmir a following of an estimated 2.5 million people on the streets. The CHP itself has over 3 million followers on Thursday night.

Muharrem Ince of the CHP (Republican people’s Party), in the western city of Izmir.

The centre-left party CHP is a secular set and Izmir, the third city of the country, as a CHP stronghold. The 54-year-old Ince is in the polls to number two, after his contemporary president Erdogan, who’s fifteen year reign, and the last five years more and more authoritarian acts.

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Attack during Turkish election foiled

That and the draconian persecution of mostly alleged supporters of the controversial spiritual and politician Fethullah Gulen cast a shadow over the democratic percentage of the vote. According to Erdogan sat Gulen is behind a coup attempt in 2016.

If Erdogan fails Sunday, more than half of the votes, there will be 8 July a second round in the presidential elections is expected to be between Ince and Erdogan. The party of Erdogan, the party for Justice and Development (AK), threatens Sunday absolute majority to lose.

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