Marianne Zwagerman threatened with death after insulting Johan Derksen

Marianne Zwagerman is after the broadcast of VI Remains Orange at Home Thursday night threatened with death. During the broadcast they named Johan Derksen a dirty man. Despite the fact that she later admits, however, admiration for him, the writer now being massively abused and threatened on social media.

Marianne Zwagerman

“I said so on television all complimenteuze things about Johan Derksen, because I Johan very very admire.”, responding Zwagerman in a video on Twitter. “I do sometimes have an admiring column written about Johan, in which I say that more people should be like Johan Derksen, because there is almost no one today even dares to say what he thinks. Let alone on tv. That makes Johan so well and I admire him very much.”

“Only I think it’s also very, very dirty. That man just looks very dirty, so I always think that he very much stinks. If you never wash, smell at a given moment, just not good. Now people are all angry at me and I get all the death threats. Well, good, I meant it all so sweet? I don’t understand why people are so selective listening.”

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