Marco Borsato gives statement about Mary

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The 72-year-old mother of Marco Borsato is this week re-admitted to the hospital in connection with an infection in her shoulder. The singer now gives a statement about the health of his mother.

Marco Borsato and his mother Mary

“Because there are a lot of questions come to me and my environment, we feel compelled a short explanation about the health of my mother, Mary Borsato,” writes Marco on his website.

Mary broke in april her shoulder after a fall in her bruidsmodezaak. She is then several times surgery and her shoulder was fastened with pins. When the fracture was healed, the screws are removed. Shortly after, it was Mary again recorded in the hospital.

“Unfortunately, there is a persistent staphylococcus bacteria, added to that for complications. It has a serious infection causes a long-term treatment is necessary. Mary is, however, in excellent hands and will be lovingly nursed in the hospital and supported by family and friends. We are confident that Mary will heal completely. We hope that you Mary her privacy and respect her the opportunity to give in peace to recover.’

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