Makes Milk Inc. ever have a comeback?

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“Makes Milk Inc. ever have a comeback?”, that is one of the most frequently asked questions at the address of Regi. Last week he was a guest on the podcast martin and Dorothee van Qmusic. A lot of people ask the question: is Regi Penxten stopped by Milk Inc.? “Yes, reluctantly,” says Regi. “Linda Mertens has her child lost, so of course we were stopped by Milk Inc. It was not the most fun period in our lives. People want to know if and when we return to the start with Milk Inc., but decide I did not. That choice I leave to Linda. If she ever says that she wants to sing, then we will be together, sit down and see what we are going to do. It may well be that they never want to singing and than I put me also down. I don’t think it has to be addressed now. It is nice to see how much demand there still is for Milk Inc., but it must feel good for Linda. It is not easy for her.”

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