Libyan coast guard picks up 680 refugees

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TRIPOLI – The Libyan coast guard has to say that within one day 680 migrants from the Mediterranean Sea is picked up. Thursday night, two boats with a total of 237 people for the coast in the west of the North African country, captured, reported to the coast guard Friday. On board were Africans, most of whom were Sudanese.

Migrants by the Libyan coastguard rescued.

Were previously in different places for the west coast of Libya more than 440 refugees saved. There were also three seem to be salvaged, according to the coast guard.

The Libyan Red crescent left Thursday know that twenty bodies were recovered, some of which were washed ashore. It’s probably going to be a part of a larger group of an estimated 220 drowned refugees.

Libya is the main departure point for migrants from the region south of the Sahara, who are trying to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea to reach. After the fall of Muammar Kaddafi in 2011, the country is in a chaos and civil war ended.

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