Ketnet-wrapper Leonard announces retirement

b14e6711574e4105bb14ea34910db7c0 - Ketnet-wrapper Leonard announces retirement

Leonard Muylle, take the end of the summer farewell as Ketnet-wrapper. Leonard is since 2012 at Ketnet started as a wrapper. He was also seen in Teen-programs as The Elfenheuvel, Welcome to the Wilton, I Am family, Well Seen and the Geonauten. This summer will Leonard together with the other Ketnet-wrappers the country trek to say goodbye to the Ketnetters. On september 2, plans his fellow wrappers are a grand farewell for Leonard.

“Almost vijfenhalf years I have had the privilege to present for the best station of the country and the wider region. To me it is all the time a terrible pleasure have been to be part of the warm, adventurous, challenging nest that Ketnet for kids. Ketnet has given me opportunities that I otherwise would never had gotten me places, to show the world that I otherwise had never seen me small and large Ketnetters do meet I for always in my heart have closed. The decision to stop when Ketnet was not easy, but the only right: this young rascal is a little older, and the times of Uncle Bob are irrevocably past. With regret, but mainly with very many brilliant memories in the heart, I take at the end of August departure of the Ketnetters.” said Leonard Muylle

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