Kenny B supports refugees

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Saturday, June 23rd is the day. Then jump the participants in the Rap Race in the Leiden canal to swim for freedom. They are supported by Kenny B and Alex of Mountains, which at this time, Soldier of Orange plays in the eponymous musical. Paul Dirkse, alderman for Education & Sports in Lead, lost the start.

Kenny B

“Every human being is equal and every man must have dreams to chase,” explains Kenny B from. “I myself also ever asylum in the Netherlands applied for and therefore know what it is. It is great that Leiden students are committed to new Dutch study and, therefore, I am happy to be there.”

The purpose of the Rap Race is money and knowledge together to underage refugees, who found refuge in the Netherlands, to support the finding of good secondary education or (academic) study. The race is about 800 metres from the start of the Rapenburg with the finish line at the Van der Werfpark.

An Alumnus of the University of Leiden and minister-president Mark Rutte wish all participants much success. “I support the Rapenburg Race from the heart. It is wonderful that students are literally in motion and the most famous canal of the Netherlands to dive into to talented young refugees the opportunity to provide for themselves are so obvious. Education is and remains the most important basis for a good, meaningful life and a place in society. Hopefully this first Rapenburg Race the beginning of a long tradition.”

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