Judge Sri Lanka takes luipaardkillers to

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COLOMBO – A court in Sri Lanka has the arrest welded from the villagers that a leopard have clubbed. The predator, which is a protected species in the country, had recently escaped to government officials that the animal in safety wanted to bring.

On tv images, is to see that the inhabitants of a hamlet in the northern district of Kilinochchi, a former war zone, hunting the leopard. This had the feature on their cattle, and would be at least ten people have been injured, among them a conservationist.

“The court after the facts of the police to have heard of it, the authorities commissioned an investigation and the responsible persons to address”, said a spokesman Friday. The Sri Lankan leopard is a subspecies in 1956, for the first time as such by a zoologist, is described on the island, when it was still Ceylon’.

Please note: these images can be shocking to be experienced.

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