‘Joe Jackson (89) in hospital with terminal cancer’

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Joe Jackson (89), who earlier this week became aware that he did not have long to live, is in the hospital.

The father of Michael Jackson has a terminal form of cancer. Sources report to TMZ that many family members to the hospital to have flown to visit him, among whom were Jackson’s wife, Katherine.

According to the insiders, is the form of cancer is not more to treat.

It goes for months not well with the health of Jackson, but last week it went downhill fast. Son Jermaine has difficulties with the situation. “Nobody told us where he was and we were given no clarity about his condition. My mother was doodongerust. He is very fragile and does not last long anymore. Therefore, he has his family needed. That is all what we want.”

Joe Jackson has a total of eleven children. He got there ten with his wife Katherine and one with Cheryl Terrell, with whom for years he had an affair.

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