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Guns N’ Roses. It Was now Graspop or Paradise City?

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Lap. We are not yet number far and the fireworks shoot all meters above the stage in the air. Not only literally, but also musically: “It’s so easy’ is the perfect opener for this Guns N’ Roses show. A few songs later, it sounds: “You know where you are? You’re in the jungle, baby! You’re gonna die!’ Axl Rose sings it with a twinkle in the eyes, and the fans taking the text and the twinkle meek about it.

The capricious singer, that used not to be troubled to the public an hour to wait, clearly has virtue had of his experience as a stand-in for AC/DC. But the main reason why there is magic in the air, stands next to him, bassist Duff McKagan, and especially guitarist Slash. It was a small 25 years ago that Rose and Slash together on stage before this tour, that they are ‘Not in this lifetime’ them (to their long-standing answer to the question of a reunion). Meanwhile, running that tour for three years, but passons.

On new material guilty they are, by the way, barely since the Chinese dragon is a plate that Axl made under the name Guns N’ Roses 2008 Chinese democracy, have you?), but the re-release of the best-selling debut album Appetite for destruction (1987) is also not wrong. Not that we have the version with 49 unreleased songs, buy – we rather stuck to our grijsgedraaide original copy, which is full puberherinneringen depends.

They come spontaneously to set up if we discover that we still have all the texts can sing along. A patch as ‘Don’t cry’, the delicious nonsensicale dirty rock‘n ‘ roll of ‘Nightrain’, the acoustic gem ‘Solitaire’, the oorlogsaanklacht ‘Civil war’, and, yes, ‘You could be mine’, which we now think: what are we happy for our parents that we are, when the text unquestioningly meelipten without him to understand. It was apparently especially the music that spoke volumes spoke, and in particular the guitar of Slash.

Live falls time and time again: what a musician! As if his heart beats in his body, as if he breathes through his wahwahpedaal, as if he had stories to tell with his strings, as if his fantasies are a road snaking through the cable and his entire emotional life in one geut from the boxes flows. ‘Coma’, ‘Rocket queen’ and of course that iconic intro of ‘Sweet child o’ mine’.

A few times his talent in the set save, for three and a half (3,5!) hours is, of course, for a long time, and especially the most recent numbers (from Chinese democracy) drip sometimes from the syrup. The covers are often successful: ‘Attitude’ by the Misfits (see also ‘The spaghetti incident’), ‘Black hole sun’ by Soundgarden and the instrumental ” Wish you were here’ of Pink Floyd.

For ‘November rain’ creeps Axl Rose behind the piano. Against that Slash his masterful solo stands out, raining on the stage, not water, but thousands of vuurvonken. And then, suddenly, it changes us goose bumps from the cold, goose bumps of emotions.

They cop that one more time if they are ‘Paradise City’ as the last bisnummer. Confetti, fireworks, and Slash, who improvises with his guitar in the neck. It must be that he himself content of his work, for as he after the end the audience comes greetings he does a handstand. Take that, Mister Cool himself.

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