Green Day-singer throws guitar of $ 5000 in pool

2d50f69ad31c3613420d3dfe9b6ca65e - Green Day-singer throws guitar of $ 5000 in pool

Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong with his crew for panic ensured when, during a show at the Lions International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, a guitar of $ 5000 in a pool threw.

Armstrong closed the show in the luxury holiday home Villa Alang Alang with the song “Time of Our Lives” when the shocking moment occurred, there is to read on Page Six of The New York Post. “Oh man, that is a rented” shouted one of the crew members. “This guitar cost $ 5000.”

The 46-year-old foreman of the punkrockband dropped at a different time on the controversial immigration policy of U.s. president Donald Trump. “I f*cking hate Donald Trump,” said the singer when he came to the show just stopped. “It is so important that we care for each other and compassion to mankind and our neighbor. I don’t know who that is in France, but in California called Mexico.”

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