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“Go back to the kitchen”: the female commentators at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS offended

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Women who live to comment on matches in the world cup: it is the year 2018 apparently still no evidence. Both in Great Britain and Germany came the last days a lot of criticism on the performance of female commentators.

‘History maker.’ As described the organisation Women in Football, that the presence of women promotes, Vicki Sparks. Sparks was Thursday during the Portugal-Morocco the first woman in the English history, that live coverage was allowed to deliver at a world cup match.

Despite the premiere of the BBC were particularly the many negative reactions on social media. Especially on Twitter, it rained criticism on Sparks, who is also a reporter for the BBC program’s Final Score and Radio Five Live. “She gives me a headache’ and ‘trying too hard’ were the best. ‘Brainless screaming ” and “Her voice sounds like a lawn mower’ went a step further, but it was really about the wrote with some inappropriate sexist comments like” go back to the kitchen’.

Also John Terry, ex-player of Chelsea, was in the eye of the storm. He posted on his Instastory a picture of the match with the caption: “I have this without the sound watch.’ A moment later, he removed the picture and he came up with a declaration: “I came back from holiday and the sound seemed not to do it.’

‘Lowest level’

Also in Germany there was commotion. Claudia Neumann, a journalist for the German ZDF, got a few abusive comments to her address. Some examples: ‘Claudia Neumann may of me the floor of ZDF mop, but let her remember no voetbalcommentaar give’ or ‘An exciting race, but by Claudia Neumann, I have the tv turned off’.

Thomas Fuhrmann, chief of sports of ZDF, responded via Der Spiegel Online bright on the statements: ‘of Course we accept criticism, also on commentators, but what with Claudia Neumann has happened, went far beyond the wrote. The issue here is, obviously, to something fundamental: a woman gives commentary on a football match of men on the world cup. Some people run all the way through, that is of the lowest level.’

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