’Girl never separated from mother

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McAllen – The story around the ’iconic’ photo that activists of the ’inhuman’ immigrantenbeleid of Trump to the pillory nailed, turns out something different.

The story behind the photo that the whole world is puzzled of a crying girl on the Mexican border, brutal would be separated from her mother, is proving to be something else.

Worldwide, the outrage is great when on the 12th of June a photo surfaced of a crying baby at the American border. Campaigners seized on the image as evidence that the separation of parents and children at the border, a violation of human rights under Trump would be.

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The father of the girl has now reported. Against the Daily Mail says Denis Javier Varela Hernandez that his 2-year-old daughter Yanela. The 32-year-old mother had her husband and three children at the beginning of June to leave, and was with the girl on the arm to the north traveled.

For the 1800 mile trip and paid them $ 6,000. Her husband knew of her desire for the U.S. to go, but he stood not behind, he tells the Mail. Denis has at home in Mexico, a reasonably paid job as a skipper.

The family Hernandez, just before the time that the mother decided to make the crossing to America, to wagon.

Eventually, it was his wife with daughter caught when she was with a group on a raft on the Rio Grande to America crossed.

At the time of the dramatic picture, was the girl a few feet of her mother removed. The woman was at that time is searched and an agent had asked them, the girl just could drop. At that moment she broke down in tears. According to father Denis’, they are never separated’.

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Only when the iconic photo worldwide-comers, knew the Mexican, where his wife and daughter uithingen.

Denis says his heart broke when he the figure I saw. Against the Mail tells Hernandez to hope that his wife soon return to Honduras.

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The Us president has under the pressure of public opinion, and his own critical wife, the policy is more flexible. Illegal immigrants at the border are caught, are now together with their children the procedure is to wait and see.

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