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GIFCOIN – Stage 1 is sold out

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The sale of the GIFCOIN in Stage 1, has actually exceeded all expectations.
After only a few days is the selling phase with the highest bonus level is already sold out at a amount of 6.4 million Coins.

In Stage 2, there is still 40% for 7 million GIFCOINS.
Who is angry, to have the Stage 1 with the 60% Bonus is missed, the should strike now in Stage 2 to the second-highest Bonus in.

If you look at the history of the Private Sale and of Stage 1, so Stage 2 is
probably very quickly be sold out.

A strong indication that the next Stages faster and faster, out of stock, is the enormous increase in investors in the German and English investors, Chats in Telegram. This shows that more and more investors are on the GIFCOIN attention and the concept behind this new ICO to convince understands.

A sample calculation for the current Bonus of 40% in Stage 2:

Those who invest with 1 ETH in 10,000 GIF, gets a total of 14,000 GIF credited.
At the annual dividend payout of 80% of the net profit, here is a very profitable
Yield as an Investor, and thus a partaker of the page for Online betting “”.

On the Homepage of GIFCOIN you can get the expected Profit-Share with a
Computing tool. This is based on the expected numbers of users of VitalBet and the resulting net profit.

As a means of payment, ETH, BTC and LTC are still available.

All this information and more can be found at the following Links:

White Paper:
Lite Paper:

GIFCOIN in social networks:

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