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Freedom of the press Foundation is now accepting donations in five crypto-currencies

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Freedom of the press Foundation, also known as “Freedom of the Press Foundation” is now accepting donations in the Form of five different crypto-Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Ethereum Litecoin and Zcash currencies:. The Non-Profit organization was founded in 2012 to Fund free speech and freedom of the press and support.

Among the Board members of the organization known to people like Glenn Greenwald, Daniel Ellsberg, Laura Poitras, and Edward Snowden. According to the official publication of The FPF believes that donations are going to support their projects for the promotion of the freedom of the press, including secure drop, the Open Source Whistleblower Submission platform, used by more than 60 news organizations in the world.

According to the official Website of the organization transparency-journalism as the publication of the Pentagon papers and the revelations of Watergate believes the NSA to uncover the Easy and the secret prisons of the CIA. It requires stubborn work of journalists and often the courage of whistleblowers and others who work to ensure that the Public actually learns what you know.

The official Statement was:

“Decentralized technology allows individuals in the Surveillance and censorship to resist. As with all new technologies in this area, we look forward to evaluating the Mainframe platform, in terms of their potential to promote the freedom of the press.“

After the announcement, to accept crypto-currencies, donated the Blockchain communication provider Mainframe 1000 ETH to the non-profit organization. The FPF tweeted:

Mainframe stated in own Blog, the reasons for the generous donation:

“During our everyday life is constantly being digitized, more and more, we are faced with two scenarios: we will Be the rulers of the technology or technology will master us and take advantage of it? The recent past suggests the latter, in the Form of mass surveillance, data collection, Manipulation, and censorship. But the war is not over yet. We are at a historic crossroads and we have the choice to use technology to preserve privacy and security, or to accept our privacy as a part of the past.“

The full Statement can be read here.

FPF has asked people to visit their donation page for crypto-currency, in order to obtain information about how you can donate with crypto currency. It also plans to, soon, other crypto-add currencies, including support for the donation of a shielded Zcash address.

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