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Flemish decorations for Lutgart Simoens, Jill Peeters and Gaston Durnez

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The Flemish government awards on July 11, for the fourth time in Flemish decorations. This year there are fourteen gelauwerden. Among them include radiomonument She Simoens, cardiologist Pedro Brugada, woman Jill Peeters and former The Standard journalist Gaston Durnez.

The Badge of honour of the Flemish Community is an honorable award and grant no privileges. There is also no cash prize involved. The topped off his ” exceptionally meritorious been for Flanders,’ or ‘their exceptional talents contributed to the positive image and the appearance of Flanders’. There is also a Great Decoration for people who are longer period of time, have contributed to Flanders.

Every Flemish minister should a candidate (or candidates) for wear. This year, the Flemish government, fourteen decorations, including four times the Big Badge of honour, as minister-president Geert Bourgeois announced. The decorations will be awarded on 11 July, the Flemish holiday.

The gelauwerden are: author and journalist Gaston Durnez (who, for years the face of The Standard provisions), radiomonument She Simoens, former Flemish anonymous senior official, Guido Decoster, imam Khalid Benhaddou, sportdokter Anthony Claes, woman and klimaatspecialist Jill Peeters, director of the zorgonderzoekscentrum LUKE Chantalle Van Audenhove, clinical psychologist and rouwverwerkingspecialist Manu Keirse, the driving force behind Farmers at a Crossroads Ricky Fokke and founder of the gallery De Zwarte Panter Andriaan Raemdonck.

Former rector of the University of Hasselt, Harry Martens, cardiologist Pedro Brugada, an entrepreneur and former FEB president Michèle Sioen and founder of the circular economy Henri Verstraete received the Large Medal.

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